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Snapper 82-Volt cordless blowers - Blow upto 40 minutes with the 2AH battery !. Send Your Email Enquiry Here
Snapper 82-Volt cordless blowers designed to work upto 40 minutes per charge using the 2AH battery.

These units are quieter, light weight & powerful - ideal for clearing leaves & grass clippings, & even lighter rubbish

like empty coldrink cans, bottle tops and cigarette butts.

Just blow it all into a pile in corner and then pick it up into a dustbin bag.

Suitable for use in clearing paths, tiled corridors & passages in schools, hospitals and other institutions where loud noise is an issue.


  • Reduces sweeping time by upto 90%
  • 82V rated Voltage
  • Upto 40 minute run time with 2 Amp Hour battery
  • 210Km/h air flow speed
  • Handheld - one hand
  • Removable battery takes 15 minutes to achieve a 50% battery charge
  • Removable battery takes 30 minutes to achieve 100% charge
  • Retail price includes blower, 2AH battery and charger
  • Optional 4AH battery is available at R4 999.00
  • Price for Snapper blower only is R6 670.00
  • Price for 2AH battery only is R2 875.00
  • Price for battery charger is R1 668.00
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Unit Price R 11,213.00 (VAT included)