C Series – ICHIGEKI – C-330-LH – Professional pruning saw made in Japan

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An incredibly popular curved saw.


This versatile heavy-duty saw is suitable for a wide variety of general pruning tasks.

An excellent choice for both professional and domestic users.

The razor-sharp impulse hardened teeth produce a smooth cut surface whilst the set teeth and thicker saw blank create a highly efficient heavy duty saw.


This saw will survive even the most heavy-handed of users!

Curved bladed saws are especially usefully when working above shoulder height but are suitable for use in any situation.

  • Available only with a 330mm blade
  • 4mm impulse hardened teeth
  • Fast cutting action
  • Scabbard with flexible and detachable belt loop

  • Set teeth and heavy duty blade
  • Razor sharp impulse hardened teeth creating a durable blade that lasts up to 3 times longer than conventionally manufactured saws

  • Ergonomic soft pistol grip handle with end stop to increase cutting efficiency and reduce fatigue


  • Replacement blades available extending the life of the saw, saving you money and reducing waste