Chainsaw blunt. We sharpen and re-face each cutting blade on the cutting chain at our shop



Chainsaw chain blunt ?

We sharpen them.

We use a chainsaw sharpening station with chain grinder to ensure accurate and quick sharpening too.

Bring the loose chain in and the cost is R80.00 per chain if the length is up to 84 drive links.

Bring the whole chainsaw in with the cutting chain still on the guide bar, then price is R140.00 per chainsaw up to 84 drive links. More expensive because we must remove and re-fit the cutting chain. No work is done on the actual chainsaw.

We can also sell you the correct sharpening file and grip and show you how to sharpen your own cutting chain while on the chainsaw.

We also sell the Stihl 3-in-1 sharpening file.