Raco Metal Adjustable Impact Spike Sprinkler RT55/752C

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The innovative expert design of heavy-duty impulse sprinkler providing flexibility of different spray ranges.

Specially designed angle adjustment: can be easily adjusted to control height and distance distribution between 10 to 45 degree setting and reaching up to 3.2m height.

Made of sturdy metalized and brass construction ensures it’s a long life product.

Fine adjustment to full or partial water distribution.

With high precision brass nozzle and strong stainless adjustment rings.


Spray range – 3 -12.5m

Coverage range – 30-490m square metres

Working water pressure: 20 80psi

Brass connector with standard: 21mm (1/2) NPT male tread

Packaging : Carded

Features ;

GB Sturdy Metal, Stainless & Brass Construction

1. Angel Adjustment from 10°, 20°, 33° to 45°setting, reach up to 3.2m height.

2. Diffuser screw adjusts spray from fine mist to jet stream.

3. Precision brass nozzle 3.5mm Ø

4. Full or part-circle coverage at the flip of a clip

5. Adjustable rings for fine adjustment of part circle

6. Threaded brass stem 21mm (1/2″ NPT)