Tandem Torx 13hp Chipper Shredder

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Tandem Torx 13hp chipper shredder suitable for plot owners and can chip branches upto 76.5mm
Tandem Torx 13hp petrol driven chipper shredders



Tandem Torx 13hp petrol driven chipper shredders can process branches up to 76.5mm thick.
So after you clean the yard, trim the trees and prune the shrubs, you no longer have to go off to the dump, only to buy it back from the nursery in sealed plastic bags as compost or mulch?

Rather take care of it all with the Tandem Torx 13hp Chipper Shredder.
Chip, shred and bag all kinds of yard debris into rich, nutritious compost or use the freshly processed mulch over your seedlings or as ground cover as an effective aid to water retention. Now that’s efficient.

  • 13hp Torx 390cc OHV 4-stroke engine
  • Direct drive laminated steel rotor
  • L/I Blades for processing branches into mulch
  • Chipping knives for smooth cutting performance
  • Up to 12:1 reduction ratio
  • Rust resistant
  • Chipping capacity – 76.5mm
  • Leaf shredding capability
  • Full spares back-up