Garden & Safety Tools
Image Equipment Description Price
Veggie seeds Kirchhoffs small veggie seed packets on special R 30.00
Red Rhino 16 litre backpack sprayer Red Rhino 16 litre backpack sprayer
R 450.00
Broom Poly Springbok
  • 11cm long bristles
R 100.00
Lasher, Falcon and Matus Bowsaw Blades

On Special for :

  • 530mm long blade - R35.00
Raco Adjustable Steel Fan Rake

Raco Adjustable Steel Fan Rake
- when you're tired of replacing plastic fan rakes!

R 247.00
Raco Rake Steel Dynamic Raco Rake Steel Dynamic R 99.00
Raco Professional Pruner

Raco Professional Pruner
for the expert who needs a quality tool to go on and on working.

R 425.00
Pick Handle

Pick Handle

On special for R45.00
While stock lasts!

R 50.00
Lawn Shear / Sheep Shear

The Raco Garden Shears are ideal for cutiing lawn edges.

R 190.00
Glyphogan Broadband Herbicide Glyphogan Broadband Herbicide containing Glyphosate.
Spray this on anything green and it will die !