3Sixty Lawn Dressing – Feeds your hungry lawn in Spring

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Lawn Dressing

Your lawn is a little like a bear: it wakes up hungry in the spring. Take the right approach to fertilizing in spring, and you set your lawn up for a whole season of great growth.

Fine sifted to provide your lawn with a “lift” of the correct N-P-K for the spring.

3Sixty lawn dressing takes care of undulation in the lawn and the compost acts as a booster for grass growth.

  • High in nutritional value – Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and Micro Nutrients
  • Provide food for your garden

The advantages of applying organic nutrients to your garden includes:

  • provides the heart of the soil by ‘gluing’ the soil particles into – stable porous structures
  • Water Retention in the soil
  • providing and holding nutrients in an available form for your plants
  • supporting soil life – bacteria, fungi and worms

Look after your soil and your soil will support healthy plants and be more productive.  It also provides vital humus and nutrients to encourage plant growth.

Key features:

  • For topdressing or mixing into soil during lawn preparation
  • Organics that improve soil quality
  • Feeds for up to 3 months
  • Suitable for all lawns
  • Includes organic materials that improve soil quality