Echo GT22GES professional edge trimmer that lasts longer than the rest

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Echo GT22G edge trimmers are designed for light professional applications and for edging large lawns.

Manufactured to the highest Japanese standards ensure they can be relied on to do the work designed for.
These edge trimmers are affordable, strong, reliable, & easy to use.

Packed with features to improve comfort and productivity, including ES start for effortless starting.

Professional engine

A 21.2cm³ professional grade engine allows you to clear tough brush and long and dense grass in one pass.

Curved shaft

The curved shaft makes it ideal for trimming around trees and borders or along fence lines. Low vibration levels are combined with precise balance and superb build quality to ensure longer service and superior performance.

Features for performance

A heavy duty, two-stage air filter provides greater durability and filtration than a standard filter, while Easy Start ensures almost effortless starting.

Best Features;

Power to Weight Ratio

Super light-weight design with exceptional power.


Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Easy start engine

ECHO’s patented system for effortless starting.

Technical data

  • High-quality edge trimmer from Japan – the Samurai of edge trimmers
  • Full spares backup
  • ES Start – Start Assist System
  • 0.67 KW
  • 21.2cc two-stroke engine
  • Lightweight 4.1Kg
  • Full crankshaft
  • Chrome porous bore
  • Clutch
  • 0.44 litre fuel tank
  • Diaphragm carburetor
  • 6.1mm Drive shaft diameter
  • 25.0mm Main pipe diameter