Stihl BGE 71 Electric Blower on promotion

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Stihl BGE 71 electric blower Special suitable for medium gardens up to 2000mĀ²



Stihl BGE 71electric blowers are domestic blowers designed to last longer.


These units are quiet, lightweight & powerful – ideal for clearing leaves & grass clippings, & even lighter rubbish like empty cooldrink cans, bottle tops and cigarette butts.
Just blow it all into a pile in the corner and then put into a dustbin bag.

Suitable for clearing paths, tiled corridors & passages like those found in guest houses, lodges & smaller office blocks.

  • Reduces sweeping time by up to 90%
  • 1100W motor
  • 3Kg lightweight
  • 237 Km/h airspeed
  • Handheld – one hand