Talon 700MG Backpack Blower 2 Stroke, 43cm³, 216 km/h – for fire fighting too

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Get this awesome Talon 43cc back pack blower for the price of a hand held blower. So much easier to use when the weight is on your back !

Lightweight, Compact and quiet backpack blower suitable for users who need a powerful and light blower to work in medium sized areas. Also suitable for controlling smaller veldt fires. Space-saving machine that’s easy to carry.

With new reinforced start, foam harness and low emission motor is a practical blower with qualities of larger displacement blowers.

Specifications Talon Petrol Blower 2 Stroke 43cm³ Backpack
Engine Size 2 Stroke
Cubic Capacity 43 cm³
Maximum Power 1,25 kW
Petrol Tank Capacity 1 l
Air speed 216 km/h
Average Sound Power Level 106,4 LwA, dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound Power Level 109 LwA dB(A)
Vibration Level Of Handle 3,7 (ISO 22867) (m/s2)
Dimensions 49x41x33 cm
Weight 8,2 kg
Turning Regime When Idle 2.600-3.000 RPM
Maximum Engine Turning Regime 7.000 RPM
Petrol Petrol and oil for 2 stroke engines at 50:1
Petrol Consumption At Maximum Power ≤610 (g/kWh)
Maximum Air Flow Rate 18 m³/m