Tandem Executive Torx VX160 engine + snorkel pipe for lawns up to 2000 sq/m

Original price was: R6,520.00.Current price is: R6,190.00.



Tandem Executive Torx VX160 lawnmower with snorkel pipe is suitable for large lawns up to 2000 sq/m.

The snorkel pipe ensures that clean air is fed to the air filter which results in pro-longed life-span of the engine.


This lawnmower has the following features which makes it a better buy:


  • Torx VX160 159cc 4-stroke petrol engine
  • Equipped with snorkel pipe for clean airflow into the engine
  • Uses SAE30 4-stroke oil in sump
  • Uses 93 Unleaded petrol
  • Has a 48 litre grass catcher
  • Has a 460mm cutting width
  • Has a single steel bar blade
  • Has a pressed steel chassis
  • Has 2 steel wheel bearings in each wheel
  • Front wheel – 165mm
  • Rear wheel – 210mm