Tandem Precision Cut push mower – like grandad used to have – no electricity or petrol required






Tandem Precision-cut 16″ push mowers are just like the ones that Grandad used to have.

As you push the mower forward the wheels drive the blade mechanism to spin giving you that perfect finish – smooth as a carpet.
Tough, robust and reliable these mowers just go on and on.




  • Load shedding resistant lawnmower – can be used when load shedding is happening !
  • No electricity or petrol needed, ever
  • 400mm Precision Cut cutting cylinder
  • Suitable for smaller lawns
  • 5 Bladed cutting cylinder
  • Adjustable bottom blade
  • Foldable top handle
  • Handy grass catcher
  • 1:4 Gearing
  • Powder coated
  • Can be sharpened and serviced
  • Full spares back-up