Tandem Prima Plus 1500 Watt Lawnmower with steel wheel bearings on a steel axle




Tandem Prima 1500W Plus lawnmowers are designed for lawn area’s up to 500 sq/m because each wheel has two steel wheel bearings on a steel axle.

What differentiates this mower from the other 1500W Tandem Pacer lawnmowers is that it has two steel wheel bearings on all four wheels.

These small & reliable mowers all have quality pressed steel chassis & will give you many years of good service when used for mowing the correct sized lawns.

They are fitted with Motor Tech 1500W motors which are suitable for use under African conditions.

Tandem Lawnmowers are manufactured in South Africa & boast full spares back-up.



  • 2 Steel wheel bearings on a steel axle per each wheel – not with plastic axle and plastic bushes
  • 1500W Motor Tech electric motor
  • 380mm Cutting width
  • 10 Height adjuster settings
  • 38 litre Grass catcher
  • Steel chassis
  • Child-proof safety on/off switch
  • Electric motor overheat cut-out switch
  • 3 Second ” Safety Stop ” brake on motor
  • Single bar blade
  • Cable hook for prolonged on/off switch functionality
  • Optional 20m extension cable – R450.00